Forbes Signs, established in 1996, delivers over 50 years of combined experience in quality signmaking.

Our clients are from a variety of sectors and include one of the U.K's largest cash and carry groups, health boards and universities, council authorities and individual private companies from all over the U.K.




We were approached by an existing client, Hotel and Leisure Shopfitting, who had an exciting contract for an important customer who was opening a new night club in the heart of London's Piccadily Square. After a meeting with the client the sign work was entrusted to us. Our main hurdle was the very tight timeframe and also the precision required in the various elements of the signage.

Our vast experience enabled us to recommend the correct choice of materials and advise on how the actual fabrication should come together. A critical factor was that installation of the finished product had to be as speedy as possible as a portion of Piccadily had to be cordoned off to the public. We produced pre-production visual renders for the client showing how the finished product would look and the green light was given. Managing Director of Hotel and Leisure Alistair Grieve said, " We had no worries in entrusting Forbes and Company with such a prestigious and important contract as we had used them for many previous clients and have always been delighted with the results." The green light was given and the drawings signed off. Production swung into action and we formed bespoke folded silver brushed aluminium boxes for each of the letters.

Each box was computer routed and folded and the letters fret-cut from the box faces. These individual boxes were then internally lit for maximum impact at night. A curved glass canopy was also incorporated into the design to afford the patrons some defence from the good old British weather. Once on site the signage was installed to form the name METRO. It was the following morning that we received a very worried phone call from Alistair. He explained that the new club's owners had not done all of their homework and an existing club had made contact to highlight the fact that they already were using the name METRO. After a swift meeting with the client a new name was chosen and they decided to run with METRA.

We had to manufacture a replacement box section and this had to be back in London by the following day. We are quite used to tight deadlines and always try to accommodate but this was definitely pushing it. Still, the guys in the workshop came out on top and an installation vehicle left at 5pm and after a few hours sleep the signage was swapped by lunchtime the following day. Alistair commented, "The rapid response from Forbes and Company pretty much saved the day. We had an extremely happy client and it looked sensational once installed. They will always try and go the extra mile and take an amazing amount of pride in their craft. I cannot praise the team highly enough."

Our ethos here at Forbes and Company is to give professional service and advice coupled with quality craftsmanship. Our many satisfied clientbase throughout the UK stands as a monument to this.